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We’ll give your prints and photos the care they deserve

Selecting the right frame for prints and photos can produce a dramatic transformation, taking ordinary to extraordinary! With literally 1000’s of options to choose from in colour and style, we’re certain we can find the perfect fit for your piece.

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The matboard around your picture can be chosen to accentuate the object which is the focus, or to enhance the colours in the picture. It is also protection for your picture by keeping a space between the picture and glass. View Our Colour Range here.

Moulding (surrounding frame)

The moulding can be chosen to blend with your picture, the wall or other furniture in the room. You can choose from timber, metallic, antique, or modern frames. See can View our Range of Moulding Here. Different combinations of moulding and matboard can give different effects.


Glass can be clear, anti-reflective, UV or museum. These are different grades by how much UV light they cut out which protects your picture more from damaging effects of sunlight.

Read our FAQ page to find out how you can prevent yellowing of photos and how to choose the best matboard to make your prints and photos look amazing, along with many other helpful tips.

Dress up your favourite print, photo, or painting

Having trouble deciding on frames, colours, or styles? Take advantage of our expertise and eye for colour. We’ll ask you a few questions about the space or room you plan to display or hang your print or photo and we can offer you some suggestions.

You can visit our Brisbane based studio to see samples or framing ideas, just give us a call to arrange a suitable time.

Framing Services

Repairs And Restorations

f your picture doesn’t have the correct mounting to hold its weight, it can easily fall from the wall and break. If the moulding is available.

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Mounting And Hanging Service

The Arti Teq hanging system we use is a brilliant solution to all your hanging requirements.Once it has been installed you can rearrange your pictures ...

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A mirror can be a great option for creating a focal point on a bare wall, but they can also be used creatively to reflect light into darker corners or rooms.

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Personal Items

There’s no need for your special items or keepsakes to sit at the back of a cupboard. Why not have them framed so they can be displayed.

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Collectables & Memorabilia

A cherished toy, medals, trophies, concert tickets, coins, and collectable memorabilia, are all items that we can turn into framed art for displaying in your home or office.

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Prints And Photos

Selecting the right frame for prints and photos can produce a dramatic transformation, taking ordinary to extraordinary! With literally 1000’s of options to ...

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Canvas Stretching

Our professional canvas stretching can be used for painted canvases and for unpainted canvases.If you are a painter, we can stretch canvas to fit any size frame you like.

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Custom Framing

Custom Framing is framing that is chosen by you to display your treasured item whether it be pictures, artwork, artefacts, jerseys, memorabilia of any sort.

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