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We customise picture frames and do frame repair and restoration

Precision Picture Framing is a home-based business owned and run by a husband and wife partnership (Peter and Christine) and has been operating since 2009 when it began as Darra Custom Framing.

Peter’s 50-year carpentry experience provides the precision of a craftsman now applied to picture framing. He loves to personally see each project through from design, to assembly, to finished product provided to customer. To enable this, he bought equipment from a framer who was closing his business, so he can do everything onsite from cutting the mat to using a guillotine to cut frames and assembling them using an underpinner. Peter cuts his own glass and even provides a hanging service to complete the process. His passion is providing custom framing at a reasonable cost.

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Christine is a retired physiotherapist who has been working in aged care for many years. She helps Peter doing bookkeeping, and administrative work as well as giving a woman’s perspective about colours and frames!

Here’s how we got started in picture frames…

In 2008 a shoulder injury prevented Peter from doing heavy carpentry work. Normally a very active person, out of boredom he attended a craft and quilting show with his wife and daughter and saw a workshop on picture framing. That led to doing some training courses after which he began building the business with a view to making it a full-time occupation.
We have recently moved to a new house in the Brisbane suburb of Rothwell, necessitating the change of name to Precision Picture Framing (from Darra Custom Framing) and a closed-in garage has become our office and studio.

Call us for a free no obligation quote on picture frames, mirrors, and more. We’ll take care of your special memories and favourite pieces.

Framing Services

Repairs And Restorations

f your picture doesn’t have the correct mounting to hold its weight, it can easily fall from the wall and break. If the moulding is available.

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Mounting And Hanging Service

The Arti Teq hanging system we use is a brilliant solution to all your hanging requirements.Once it has been installed you can rearrange your pictures ...

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A mirror can be a great option for creating a focal point on a bare wall, but they can also be used creatively to reflect light into darker corners or rooms.

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Personal Items

There’s no need for your special items or keepsakes to sit at the back of a cupboard. Why not have them framed so they can be displayed.

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Collectables & Memorabilia

A cherished toy, medals, trophies, concert tickets, coins, and collectable memorabilia, are all items that we can turn into framed art for displaying in your home or office.

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Prints And Photos

Selecting the right frame for prints and photos can produce a dramatic transformation, taking ordinary to extraordinary! With literally 1000’s of options to ...

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Canvas Stretching

Our professional canvas stretching can be used for painted canvases and for unpainted canvases.If you are a painter, we can stretch canvas to fit any size frame you like.

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Custom Framing

Custom Framing is framing that is chosen by you to display your treasured item whether it be pictures, artwork, artefacts, jerseys, memorabilia of any sort.

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