Custom Framing

Custom frames allow you to get the exact match to fit the picture

Custom Framing is framing that is chosen by you to display your treasured item whether it be pictures, artwork, artefacts, jerseys, memorabilia of any sort.  It is only limited by your imagination.  We are experienced in guiding you through your choices of materials advising you of the benefits or otherwise of using certain ones so you can preserve your item in the most attractive way and with the quality and workmanship of an artisan.  Ultimately you choose what you like. We have even built custom frames for artwork in exhibitions.

While it’s quick and easy to buy an inexpensive frame and do your own framing, there are many benefits for choosing custom frames, especially if the item you wish to get framed is special to you.

Custom Framing | Brisbane | Precision Picture Framing
  • Off-the shelf frames are only available in standard sizing which may not be the right fit or best fit for your piece.
  • The materials used in cheaper frames will not necessarily preserve your piece and in fact, if the backing is not acid free, can even damage your work.
  • Choice! Why settle for close enough when you can have what you want. 1000’s of colours and dozens of styles. In some cases, we can even use your own materials!

We can help you create something truly unique

If your item is important to you it is important to us.  We are good at thinking creatively to find what will work for you.  Peter has used fence palings to make a frame to suit a very rustic picture.  He has made a box frame with divisions in it to display heirloom toys. Just ask us what’s possible.

Custom framing by a professional carpenter

Peter’s carpentry background along with his training in custom frames makes him the ideal choice for creating custom frames for all kinds of prints, artwork, photos, and even Personal Items.

There are hundreds of samples of mouldings in our Brisbane studio to choose from and thousands available to order. Give us a call today for quality, expertise, and great value.

Framing Services

Repairs And Restorations

f your picture doesn’t have the correct mounting to hold its weight, it can easily fall from the wall and break. If the moulding is available.

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Mounting And Hanging Service

The Arti Teq hanging system we use is a brilliant solution to all your hanging requirements.Once it has been installed you can rearrange your pictures ...

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A mirror can be a great option for creating a focal point on a bare wall, but they can also be used creatively to reflect light into darker corners or rooms.

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Personal Items

There’s no need for your special items or keepsakes to sit at the back of a cupboard. Why not have them framed so they can be displayed.

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Collectables & Memorabilia

A cherished toy, medals, trophies, concert tickets, coins, and collectable memorabilia, are all items that we can turn into framed art for displaying in your home or office.

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Prints And Photos

Selecting the right frame for prints and photos can produce a dramatic transformation, taking ordinary to extraordinary! With literally 1000’s of options to ...

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Canvas Stretching

Our professional canvas stretching can be used for painted canvases and for unpainted canvases.If you are a painter, we can stretch canvas to fit any size frame you like.

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Custom Framing

Custom Framing is framing that is chosen by you to display your treasured item whether it be pictures, artwork, artefacts, jerseys, memorabilia of any sort.

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