Framing Services

Repairs And Restorations

f your picture doesn’t have the correct mounting to hold its weight, it can easily fall from the wall and break. If the moulding is available.

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Mounting And Hanging Service

The Arti Teq hanging system we use is a brilliant solution to all your hanging requirements.Once it has been installed you can rearrange your pictures ...

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A mirror can be a great option for creating a focal point on a bare wall, but they can also be used creatively to reflect light into darker corners or rooms.

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Personal Items

There’s no need for your special items or keepsakes to sit at the back of a cupboard. Why not have them framed so they can be displayed.

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Collectables & Memorabilia

A cherished toy, medals, trophies, concert tickets, coins, and collectable memorabilia, are all items that we can turn into framed art for displaying in your home or office.

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Prints And Photos

Selecting the right frame for prints and photos can produce a dramatic transformation, taking ordinary to extraordinary! With literally 1000’s of options to ...

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Canvas Stretching

Our professional canvas stretching can be used for painted canvases and for unpainted canvases.If you are a painter, we can stretch canvas to fit any size frame you like.

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Custom Framing

Custom Framing is framing that is chosen by you to display your treasured item whether it be pictures, artwork, artefacts, jerseys, memorabilia of any sort.

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About Precision Picture Framing

Precision Picture Framing provide a customised solution to picture framing and picture hanging. As a professionally trained carpenter, owner Peter is a true artisan of creating perfect frames for art, photos, mirrors, or memorabilia. Choose from 1,000’s of high-quality picture frames that will protect your art or photo.

  • Repairs and Restorations
  • Mounting and Hanging Service
  • Mirrors
  • Personal Items
  • Collectables and Memorabilia
  • Prints and Photos
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Custom Framing

For enquiries phone us any time from Monday to Saturday between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. Our workshop is in the Brisbane suburb of Rothwell, we can do some projects via post. All Framing Services are by appointment.