Find the answer to your questions about picture frames and framing

Don’t let special photos, treasured keepsakes, paintings, artwork, or priceless memorabilia, sit around gathering dust or remain out of sight!
We can put it in a custom frame that will protect it from dust, sunlight, and fingerprints and turn it into a piece you’ll be proud to have on display.
We do all our framing at our Brisbane based studio. Most of our clients drop off and collect their framing, however, we are happy to discuss the option of arranging postage if you are unable to get to us.

FAQ | Picture Frames | Precision Picture Framing

The frame needs to be assessed to see if repair is possible and to see if moulding is still available. If not possible a similar frame may be available for replacement. Glass needs to be replaced.

We use specialists in the field of restoration to restore it for you. We can arrange it so you don’t have to do the legwork.

The pictures we frame come ready to hang with D-rings and plastic-coated stainless-steel wire, and bumpons on the bottom corners to prevent it marking the wall and to allow air flow around it. We can supply a picture hook if you require one which should be applied to the wall where there is a stud behind the wall sheet for heavier frames. Ask if you are unsure. Peter can provide a hanging service for you.

The Arti teq Hanging System is an aluminium rail mounted to the wall underneath the cornice. Purlons and microgrips hold your pictures in place which are easily adjustable so the pictures can be changed without having to patch holes. You can hang up to 30kg on this system.

Yes, mirrors can be resilvered if they have deteriorated however this can be expensive, so it is usually more economical to replace.

I depends on the size. They are heavier than a picture. I usually do it with a tapered piece of timber mounted to the wall. A similar tapered piece is fitted to the back of the mirror, so they fit together and hold the mirror securely. I can provide advice or hang it for you.

I have framed football jerseys, christening dresses, and a cricket bat in box frames to accommodate the depth of the item and put it in perspective. Needlework and craft can be flattened out and secured to backing to be framed. All sorts of things can be framed just ask and we’ll work out a way to do it.

It depends on the item – a box frame is a useful way to display items with depth – medals, trophies, a cherished toy. Tickets to a concert, posters will be preserved and displayed in a picture frame.

Framing your prints or photos is not only a good way to display them but protects from dust, and insects by sealing them off. Using glass that features 99% UV protection against fading and discolouration means your photos will be preserved for years. Using acid free materials for matboard and the foamcore backing prevent acids leaching onto the photo and causing damage.

The matboard around your picture can be chosen to accentuate the object which is the focus, or to enhance the colours in the picture. It is also protection for your picture by keeping a space between the picture and glass. The colour range is here if you want a preview http://www.larsonjuhl.com.au/category/1209-matboard

The moulding can be chosen to suit the colours in the picture, or a similar texture or style as other furniture or pictures in the room. It should not be too close to the wall colour as it will blend in. You can choose from timber, metallic, antique, or modern frames. The range available is here http://larsonjuhl.com.au/category/1215-moulding-collections

Different combinations of moulding and matboard can give different effects. It is really a personal choice. Peter and Christine are trained to guide you through the selection process of choosing a matboard, moulding, and glass to preserve and display your memories. Make an appointment to see our samples and choose the look you want for your picture.

Yes, you can but it means that the glass is in contact with your picture. In hot weather and in sunlight the glass heats up and sticks to the photo or print and spoils it.

Not successfully. The photo will be damaged as a result. This has been done in the past but is not currently recommended.

Providing the oil does not touch the glass. If it is touching, when the glass heats up the oil runs.

It is not recommended as sharp edges can tear the canvas. We use kiln-dried stretcher bar which has rounded edges to do this job.

It is not necessary, but a frame does enhance the enjoyment of the picture. Many people like to have the “edge” around it but you can hang the wrapped picture without it.

I depends how much you value the item you are wanting to frame. Readymade frames come in standard sizes, so your picture needs to be a standard size to fit this. If you value the item and want to protect it, the quality, mounting and choosing the right materials that go with a custom frame mean that it is preserved and displayed well. That quality is not in these readymade frames.

There certainly is. There are 127 ranges of mouldings available with a number of different ones in each range. There are different styles from ornate, modern, metal, timber, synthetic, float frames (to go around canvas) fillets that fit inside another frame or go between mats. There is also a wide range of mats to choose from giving endless combinations to produce the effect you are looking for.

Framing Services

Repairs And Restorations

f your picture doesn’t have the correct mounting to hold its weight, it can easily fall from the wall and break. If the moulding is available.

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Mounting And Hanging Service

The Arti Teq hanging system we use is a brilliant solution to all your hanging requirements.Once it has been installed you can rearrange your pictures ...

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A mirror can be a great option for creating a focal point on a bare wall, but they can also be used creatively to reflect light into darker corners or rooms.

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Personal Items

There’s no need for your special items or keepsakes to sit at the back of a cupboard. Why not have them framed so they can be displayed.

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Collectables & Memorabilia

A cherished toy, medals, trophies, concert tickets, coins, and collectable memorabilia, are all items that we can turn into framed art for displaying in your home or office.

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Prints And Photos

Selecting the right frame for prints and photos can produce a dramatic transformation, taking ordinary to extraordinary! With literally 1000’s of options to ...

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Canvas Stretching

Our professional canvas stretching can be used for painted canvases and for unpainted canvases.If you are a painter, we can stretch canvas to fit any size frame you like.

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Custom Framing

Custom Framing is framing that is chosen by you to display your treasured item whether it be pictures, artwork, artefacts, jerseys, memorabilia of any sort.

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